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Health Insurance policies

EURO HYPO SEGUR has a wide choice of private Health Insurance policies on offer - from as little as € 32 per month.

Foreigners who live or spend a long time in Spain enjoy the benefits of a mild Mediterranean climate and a relatively low cost of living.

For those who are new to Spain, it is important to realise that it is your responsibility to ensure you are covered for medical costs during your stay in Spain. If you are retired you may make use of the Seguridad Social (the Spanish national health scheme). You should obtain an E-121 form from your home country, which you will need to register in Spain. Be aware, however, that you do not have the right to choose doctors, specialists and hospitals. You should also be aware that most Spanish doctors only speak Spanish.

Should you prefer a completely private Health Insurance, then EURO HYPO SEGUR can offer three Health Insurance policies, especially tailored to foreigners either living in Spain or staying for some length of time.