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Pension Plans

With a good pension and your career behind you, it’s time to enjoy life, without having to make deep cuts in your spending habits.

EURO HYPO SEGUR offers you a range of three SAVINGS PLANS with unprecedented of high growth guarantees. Amongst other things, the SAVINGS PLANS recommended by EURO HYPO SEGUR can be used for the following purposes:


The above mentioned SAVINGS PLANS can be combined with an open-ended Life Insurance policy, or with a life insurance policy that is renewed annually. If you choose the latter option, the premium is worked out annually on the basis of your age.

You also have the opportunity to expand the policy conditions with extra types of cover – see below.

Extra cover options:


You can choose to pay your premium monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. There is also the option to make a single lump-sum premium payment.

Financial advantage

After the 12th year you enjoy a tax-free interest income of 75%.