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Car Insurance

EURO HYPO SEGUR has a large choice of Car Insurance cover types:

Overseas licence plates

Vehicles with English licence plates are also covered by EURO HYPO SEGUR. The required annual vehicle inspection (MOT) is carried out by the Spanish ITV.

Unique discount schemes

1. Bonus discount:

You may transfer your no-claims discount up to 60%.

2. Extra discount:

EURO HYPO SEGUR can offer substantial premium discounts on accidental damage by including a personal excess. This can result in a premium discount of 30% to 50%.

Compensation for loss of points from driving license

A new law for the punishment of traffic offences came into effect in Spain on 1 July 2006. In addition to a hefty fine, a number of points will now be deducted from your license for each offence. It is therefore possible, in the case of severe or multiple offences, to lose your license for a length of time. We can insure you for legal aid, payment of the course to redeem points and a monthly allowance (for a maximum of nine months) should you lose your license. This monthly allowance is available for a maximum of 24 months for business transport.

Importing your car

If you decide to license your foreign-registered car in Spain, our Consulting department will be able to inform and assist you.